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Sacred Frankincense Large

Sacred Frankincense Large

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Burned for purification and protection, this resin helps you find equilibrium in the company of its majestic unique scent.

Burned for purification and protection, this resin helps you find equilibrium in the company of its majestic unique scent.

It is said that the resin smoke released during a spiritual ceremony is the prayer and guidance request that we rise up to the divine and to our higher conscience.

At MOON and CHAPEL, we dedicated our research to discover and bring in store, as a thoughtful selection, the most precious Frankincense resins on Earth, such as the Omani Boswellia Sacra, all sourced from local ethical traditional factories and craft studios.

Their quality and purity are enhancing your experience during the modern everyday rituals, because the authentic ingredients will generate authentic moments.

Omani Frankincense is the finest and purest aromatic resin produced by the species of Boswellia Sacra that grow wildly on the rugged lands of Oman ( Dhofar). A veritable Panacea during ancient times, the Sacred Omani Frankincense is revered from immemorial times for its unmissable olfactory stamp and for its therapeutic qualities.

Burned for purification, Frankincense suggests and addresses divinity. Its swirling smoke was believed to ascend directly to Heaven, calling on mercy and protection.


Step I. 
Always open the window to allow fresh air to come in. 

Step II .
Take the charcoal using a metal clamp and hold it in the burning flame of a lit candle for about 1-2 minutes. When ready, place the charcoal disc in the ceramic burning pot. 

Step III. 
With the help of the clamp, place herbs or resins of your choice on the charcoal and wait for the  scented smoke to be released. 

Step IV. 
If you desire, walk with the burner pot in your hand while gently directing the smoke towards different corners of the place, setting intentions for elevation, purification and protection.

Step V. 
At last, allow the smoke to fade out, while enjoying the scents and the uplifting atmosphere created by the ritual. IF you want to hurry up the process of putting out the smoke, just press over the burner ceramic lid and the smoke will fade out soon. 
Make sure the charcoal is not burning or warm anymore, before throwing it out.

What you need:
1. One or more types of resins or herbs ( Omani Frankincense, Myrrh, Benzoin, Cedarwood etc) all sourced from respectful and ethical brands or places
2. A ceramic burner such as our glazed bruner pots, especially designed for these kinds of rituals
3. Charcoal Disc
4. Metal Clamp
5. Matches

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