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MOON TAROT- Major Arcana deck by Diana Papuc

MOON TAROT- Major Arcana deck by Diana Papuc

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Designed by most talented Diana Papuc for Moon and Chapel, following the brand’s aesthetic and beliefs, the Moon Tarot cards depict the 22 major Arcanas, that represent the big life lessons, the karmic influences and the human archetypes.

We carry our truth with us everywhere we go. Every stage in our life is a milestone that we need to reach and surpass and that once understood and integrated it will help us grow.

The tarot cards are a great way for our subconscious to communicate with us, to let us know where we are in our life’s journey. They carry answers adorned in symbols that will connect us to that deeper meaning, that will communicate with us in ways that will mean something beyond reason.

They each carry symbols that were infused with meanings hidden in plain site for us to translate into our own personal stories. Use your intuition and go with the first feelings and interpretation that comes to mind. The cards come accompanied by a small booklet with short explanations for every card. It’s a point to start but not the entire journey to decrypting your truth.

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