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Blessed Rituals Bakhoor

Blessed Rituals Bakhoor

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The ritual of burning scented Oud - Bakhoor brings joyful and uplifting vibrations in any space and is very simple and friendly for everyone. BAKHOOR, the oriental treasure, with a larger than life history, is being praised from ancient times for its qualities and for the unique velvety ceremonial scent.

Used for thousands of years, Bakhoor first originated with Arabia's nomadic Levantine tribes, who upon setting up camp, would burn agarwood chips to both fragrance the air and deter undesired insects.

It is referred, during history, in oriental ceremonial rituals, weddings, royal offerings and for scenting the homes or the clothes.

Based on a blend of Agarwood (Oud) chips that were previously soaked in a traditional way with scented oils, resins, other woods or flowers, from gorgeous Jasmine and Rose to Myrrh resins, spices or Sandalwood, Bakhoor is, indeed, the spirit of the East, the genuine art of perfume translated with reverence and in a constant secretive way from generation to generation.

When burned in special burners, crafted from brass or ceramic, it releases a smokeless fragrant scent which transforms your home’s atmosphere into a serene yet exotic place.

Exotic, dreamy, balancing the moods or uplifting, by case, our Bakhoor comes in 8 different scents, all with refined and very sophisticated blends, handcrafted with care by a small family business back in the Middle East.


Step I.

Light the candle and place it under the burner, in the specially designed spot.

Step II.

With the help of the copper clamps, choose a little amount of Bakhoor and place it in the copper burner bowl.

Step III.

Wait for the perfume to be released and enjoy the pleasent velvety scent  that will enhance the room.

Step IV.

After 20 minutes blow out the candle. The used Bakhoor should not be reignited, for every ritual we advise to use a fresh amount.

 What you need:

  1. A copper bakhoor burner
  2. Copper clamps
  3. Bakhoor scented oud wood
  4. Candles and Matches


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