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Workshop: Astrology and Natal Chart Reading

Workshop: Astrology and Natal Chart Reading

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Welcome to the beginning of your astrological odyssey!

Learn the ins and outs of your birth chart all while drinking tea, hand-picked by nuns and getting immersed in the smell of Omani frankincense and lighted candles.

An invaluable tool that unravels the intricate threads of your life's narrative, from your physical appearance to your personality, emotional nature, motivations, challenges, and talents, the birth chart serves as a profound lens into your being. It offers a roadmap to understanding the multifaceted layers of your existence, providing insight into the depths of who you are and what you're here to explore and overcome.         

We will delve into theoretical concepts but also learn by experience. Alongside theoretical exploration, we'll navigate through your personal birth chart. This custom approach allows for a more intimate and relatable understanding, offering a tangible example that hits close to home.

Get ready for an enlightening journey into the cosmos, where stars and planets unveil the profound story written in the celestial map of your birth.

What to expect:

 - connect with a small group of like-minded people

 - ⁠receive a beginners astrology reading workshop session

 - ⁠be part of a community who likes to share their experiences and grow together

 - ⁠enjoy our hand-picked tea

 - ⁠mini workshop on how to clean the space before beginning any ritual

 - begin with a guided meditation


When: February 24th 2024

Where: Moon+Chapel Store, Washington 18th Str., Bucharest

This workshop will be conducted in Romanian.





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