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Incense holder for ropes - marble

Incense holder for ropes - marble

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The Incense Holder is meant to be used alongside incense ropes.

Incense Ropes or Newar Incense are a traditional form of incense, each rope being called Dhupaya. It is made traditionally with different precious Aromatic Himalayan herbs. Tie finely Powdered form of the herbs wrapped in the thin strip of Lokta Paper & twined form the incense stick called Dhupaya (Incense).The smoke issued by burning this type of incense is believed to attract the gods and hence it has been pur to an extensive use specially in the religious fields both by Mindus & Buddhists. The spiritual aspirants burns the incense while meditating in order to hold the mind focused on the object of attention.

The Rope Incense Burner comprises of a brass stand and a base plate made of composite materials. The brass stand supports the rope incense, with the top part of the incense passing through it. The rope incense is suspended from the brass stand, allowing the ash to fall onto the base plate below.

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