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Sacred Space Hand Sewn Rug

Sacred Space Hand Sewn Rug

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FURU LOOM represents a continuous experimentation between colors, textures and design based on passion, since 2018.FURU LOOM evolves with anima due to the curiosity for the craft of traditional weaving.

They bring weaving on the loom into contemporaneity with the desire to get an alternative with artworks to complement the interior design.

FURU LOOM creations are based on infuences from architecture, paintings, prints, nature and are transformed into art objects with their own identity that give personality and volume to the space.

The work is based on the symbol of the eye and the symbol of the comb, both representing the visual image of the brand MOON+CHAPEL .

Having a free hand in the creative process, the FURU LOOM sisters explored both the traditional meaning of symbols and the  more subtle understanding of creativity.

The tendency towards surrealism can be seen in many of the works woven by Elena and Gabriela. In SIGNIFICANT EYE/ I it seems that a portal has been created, a passage to the mystical world. The alignment of the symbols, transverse to the woven wool threads, offers a delusional scenario of the separation of good from evil.

Balance is provided by the choice of warm colors that are like a sponge for the comb, represented in the center of the tapestry. The play of colors in the comb suggests its reflective shell and how it interacts with the external world, the concept of movement is illustrated with the help of the comb's teeth.

Dimensions: 160cm H x 190 W

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