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Body Temple - Body Wash

Body Temple - Body Wash

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BODY TEMPLE is the gentle scented body wash that cleans and leaves a lovely perfume veil on your skin after bathing or showering. It offers you the precious gift of plants, as it is scented with a symbolic root-flower-fruit perfume triptych, the natural cleaning ritual and the subtle elevated power of the infused crystals (citrine, aventurine and pink quartz) that were charged with healing prayers and songs for good health and energy.

Heavenly scented with honey flowery notes of Magnolia, Elemi, Sweet Orange, sacred Frankincense and Palo Santo, it also receives the anti-bacterial and refreshing qualities of Petitgrain natural essence. All the natural oils included have meaningful qualities for your holistic well being, while the glycerin and the extra mild organic ingredients will leave your body clean and protected.

Rose, Neroli & Frankincense - Infused with amethyst crystals

Ingredients: saponified oils from coconut oil* and olive oil*, coco glucoside, lauryl glucoside, alcohol, glycerine*, sodium and potassium citrate, purified water, neroli hydrolate*, essential oils of petitgrain* sweet orange*, elemi*, magnolia flower* frankincense* and palo Santo*,*organic certified ingredients. Perfume from essential oils of natural origin only.

Good for all skin types/ vegan /animal friendly/ free of petrochemicals and preservatives. 100% natural.

Infused with citrine, aventurine and pink quartz crystals charged with healing prayers and songs.



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