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Inner Compas

Inner Compass - Love Cards

Inner Compass - Love Cards

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Let love lead the way with this set of Inner Compass LOVE Cards! The love cards were specially designed to help you with questions about love and relationships.

It doesn’t matter how many followers and friends you have on social media: online contact can never replace real-life connections. Connections with others, as well as with yourself.

Used every day, these cards will help you to find your inner compass and encourage you to form healthy, inspiring relationships, by taking a long hard look at your thoughts, feelings, memories and behaviour.

They raise in-depth themes that help you to take your relationships to the next level, to set your personal course and clear your mind so that you can feel fully connected with others.

The cards are a playful way of rekindling your relationship with yourself and others, and are easy to use, together or alone.

The act of randomly picking a card opens a door to your unconscious mind, your powers of intuitive thought. They help with your personal development and are easy to use. This means that anyone can use the Inner Compass LOVE Cards.

Let your inner compass guide you towards purity in your relationships.

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