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De Fuego - Salvia Blanca Incense Sticks

De Fuego - Salvia Blanca Incense Sticks

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Copaltemaliztl the act of burning copal is a ritual grounded in Mexican spiritual and religious practices in both ancient and modern times. Fumigation followed by kissing the earth, is seen as a way to honor Mother Nature and to ask for protection against evil spirits.

The act of burning sage stands as one of the most ancient and pristine techniques for purifying individuals, gatherings, or environments, and for dispelling unwelcome entities. This tradition traces its origins to prehistoric eras and has been recorded as being employed across diverse cultures by our ancestors.

Burn copal for protection and for heartfelt prayers which will be enhanced by its powerful ancient properties. 8 traditional responsibly harvested Mexican copal incense sticks of the highest quality.

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